Application Security

Validate the security of your software development lifecycle.

This covers a wide range of disciplines which are primarily focused on providing a secure software development lifecycle (SDLC).

It's not possible to produce an exhaustive list of the disciplines covered, however,the following services are included among those that we can offer to support our clients in addressing their own secure SDLC requirements.

DevSecOps Support

A contraction and abbreviation of “Development, Security and Operations”, this evolving discipline enables development, security and operations teams to collaborate and work as informed partners during the production of new systems and applications, and the development of new features and enhancements for existing systems.

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Secure Development Training

The earlier security flaws in a production application can be prevented, the more cost effective security management can be. By showing development teams the most common sources of vulnerabilities that they find and exploit, our consultant team can help prevent such vulnerabilities reaching production systems.

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Source Code Review

A detailed inspection of application or website source code, with the objective of identifying potential technical vulnerabilities that may be exploited in production environments.

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